Mack update

It has been quite a while since we updated about Mack. He had adjusted well to the new farm. We bought a remote training collar which has been effective at teaching him to stay with us outside. He no longer chases the chickens. And Alex has become quite fond of him. In fact, Alex wants to join the 4H group for dog training.


2 thoughts on “Mack update”

  1. So happy for Mack! But try to remember, he is a hunting dog. And birds are his forte.It is his nature to chase them and i hope you are patient and forgiving if he slips from tome to time.

    1. I definitely understand that Mack is a hunting dog. He has never gotten in trouble for chasing the chickens because of that. We have just worked to train him to ignore them in the yard, which worked surprisingly well. His “birdiness” was a big plus when we got him because I still have hopes of training him for a little duck hunting (in my spare time). It may be difficult to balance teaching him which birds are ok to pick up and which are not, however, he has shown the ability to learn quickly.

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