Senior Does


DOB 2/4/2015

Phaylene is our beautiful coming 9 year old black and tan aged doe. She is a deep bodied doe, standing tall on her feet and legs at her age. She has a well attached udder with nice teat placement. Phaylene has been Quinn’s showmanship goat for the last three years and is an old pro.

Phaylene won Best Senior Lamancha at the Big E 4-H show in 2022.


DOB 2/20/21

We purchased Carolina in the fall of 2023, because Rob just loved her when he saw her in 2022. She is a long, beautiful black and tan doe, with a nice topline, a lovely general appearance and is super easy to hand milk. She has a sweet demeanor and is not a trouble maker in the herd. Carolina was linear appraised in 2022 as a FF with a score of 86 VEVV.

Photos of Carolina property of and courtesy of From away Farm.


DOB 4/11/2021

Camellia is one of the most loveable, yet powerful does on the farm. Raised as a bottle baby she is always up at the fence demanding attention. She’s easy to milk and handle. Amanda used her as a showmanship goat when she was a dry yearling and she is easy to show. Camellia has that Holstein goat look down pat and usually throws some colorful kids. She has a definite will to milk, and produced well over a gallon a day as a FF.

Amanda and Camellia at the Big E in 2023.


DOB 5/1/2021

Jasmine is Phaylene’s 2021 daughter. She is a very feminine dairy type doe, a gorgeous black with a white star. She has been slower to mature than some of our other goats, but she has a well attached udder with her mom’s teat placement intact. Her udder has a very strong medial attachment and she produced right around a gallon a day all year. We are hoping for her to increase her body capacity and increase her mammary size this coming year to fulfill some of her potential.

Quinn and Jasmine in 2022 at the Big E


DOB 01/10/22

We bought Tulsi this fall as a yearling milker. She is a colorful, but also correct American lamancha doe. She has a nicely attached udder and kept her weight well during her first lactation. Her best feature is her udder texture as she milks down to absolutely nothing.

Photos courtesy and property of of Ashley at E.B.Farms.


DOB 3/12/2022

We bought Chili in 2022 from Erin Griner in VA. She is a black and tan doe with frosted ears and nose. She has a feminine dairy type character with an elegant general appearance. Chili is definitely the type that matures a little slower, but we expect she will be a great addition to our herd. Amanda choose her as her showmanship goat this year, and they got along great.

Chili is a recorded grade, due to her sire being excluded from the registry. The exclusion was based on a DNA error on a sibling littermate to her SDS, Welshans-Acres E Pharaoh. The DNA error has stayed unresolved. Her sire’s sire was Autumn Acres EE Emblem ( and her sire’s dam Little Orchard WP Ember. Chili’s kids will be recorded grade as well. does not reflect this change yet as of December 2023, however we have a new recorded grade registration for Chili in hand from ADGA.

Chili’s dam Little Orchard CD Hot in Paris appraised LA91 EEVE as a five year old in 2023.

Sleep deprived (LOL) Amanda and Chili at the Haddam Neck Fair 2023
Paris rear udder

Photos of Little Orchard CD Hot in Paris property of and courtesy of Erin Griner at Lucky 4-Leaf Lamanchas .


DOB 3/15/2022

Pepper is a black and tan well grown yearling. She is long and powerful, super straight across the topline and to top it off, a super chill doe. We expect her to be a milking powerhouse next year just like her mom, Rainbow. She has consistently placed first in her class at many of the fairs this summer and got chosen as best junior doe several times. She is one to watch as she freshens next year,

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