Goat Breeding Chart 2023/2024

DamSireDue DateDoe Cost/
E.B. Farms Sunshine TulsiE.B. Farms LL RegalKidded
None available
Majenli LH CarolinaMajenli MK Rip WheelerKidded 3/5 None available
Sawfish JasmineE.B. Farms LL RegalKidded 3/3None available
Lucky 4-leaf E Red Hot ChiliE.B. Farms LL RegalKidded 3/18Recorded grade due to DNA exclusion of SDS Welshans-Acres E Pharaoh
None available
Sawfish PepperE.B. Farms LL RegalKidded 3/21None available
Bitterblue’s LSD PhayleneE.B. Farms LL RegalKidded 4/9$450
1D retained
1D available
1B reserved
Sawfish AS PorscheFox’s Pride KS Smooth Swagger5/10None available

The above list indicates our intended choice of doe kids we will retain. We will have doe kids available as we identify our keeper kids, but reserve the right to retain any kid born. We will only keep 4-5 doelings for summer showing. We will sell bucklings out of proven does (cost to be discussed with interested buyers). Pet wethers are available as bottle babies for $50 by three weeks or weaned for $150. We will not band until paid in full and sale agreement reached. If owner wishes to have the bucklings surgically castrated instead that is the new owner’s choice and cost.

Contact Rob at sawfish99@gmail.com to make a reservation for 2024 goat kids.

Terms of Sale:

*Once a kid is determined available for sale, we will go through the interest list in the order people contacted us. Potential buyers will have 72 hours to make a decision.

* A $100 deposit is required to hold a kid once a buyer is informed of availability. Prices are cash or cash equivalent. We do accept Venmo/PayPal, however, fees associated with those transactions will be added to the price.

* Deposits are non-refundable if the buyer backs out of sale or if they violate the terms of sale.

* All kids will be bottle raised. Kids must be picked up within 3 weeks of birth or within a few weeks of notification of availability otherwise a boarding agreement will be required for additional cost.

* All prices include ADGA registration and disbudding.

* We do not offer shipping services. Kids must be picked up at our farm or a suitable shipper must be contracted. We reserve the right to refuse transporting kids with a shipper deemed unsuitable.

* We reserve the right to retain any kids from any of our breedings. In the event we decide to retain a kid that has been placed on deposit, your deposit will be refunded or you may apply the deposit to another kid. We also reserve the right to change the price on any kids not pre-reserved. Kids with expressed interest prior to the date of birth will be sold at the listed price.

* All animals in the herd are tested and negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes as of November 2023. A copy of the results can be found here.

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