Why we need to control our own health care

As I have been dealing with my concussion, it has made me understand more about why I need to understand my own health issues and not rely on the doctors and medical establishment to teach me.  Doctors are certainly important, in particular for dealing with emergency and trauma situations, but doctors are fallible (like the rest of us).  Since I have at least 2 hours a day commuting, I listen to podcasts some of the time.  I have long been a fan of the Horse Radio Network and listen to some of their shows.  Today, I listened to a Stable Scoop episode about Lyme in People.

I would encourage everyone to take an hour and listen to the episode.  You can play it directly from the website or download and play it later.  While it is specifically about Lyme, it is also about taking control of your situation.  As I listened to the episode, I realized that it is very possible some of the things I have been battling from my concussion may actually be related to Lyme.  This is definitely possible since we already know Anna and Amanda have Lyme.  It might even be possible that Amanda was born with it.  I didn’t realize that only a small percentage of people with Lyme actually get the traditional bulls-eye.

My plan is to research some of the homeopathic/holistic/alternative treatment options for Lyme.  In doing so, I am sure I will continue to learn about managing our health better.

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