About Us

Rob grew up in Alabama.  Anna grew up in Sweden.  In 1995, we met at the International Ball at the US Naval Academy, where Rob was a Plebe (first year midshipman).  After a little dating and a few more years of school, we got married in 1999 in Tullinge, Sweden.

In 2019, Rob retired from the Navy and now works at Sonalysts, Inc, in Waterford, CT.  Anna finished her degree in Biology and worked for a while in a medical lab.  However, since starting a family, she has been a full time Mom.  We have 3 kids: Alex, Quinn, and Amanda.

Over the years, we have dabbled in farming, including raising meat rabbits, dairy goats, pigs, chickens and turkeys for eggs and meat,  and of course, we have horses.  While we enjoyed our years of raising our own meat, we now just focus on our horses and dairy goats.

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The story of our lives with horses. And goats.