Limited Time Offer – Free Farm Experience!

I know many people want to build fences, but just don’t know how.  Or maybe you want to muck out horse stalls but don’t have any horses or stalls.  Want to build goat shelters, but don’t have the lumber?  Want to clean rabbit cages, but don’t have rabbits. do you have the urge to pull weeds out of the garden but your garden just doesn’t grow any weeds? You are in luck, because we can offer all those opportunities and more!

Now, you are probably thinking an opportunity like this would cost hundreds of dollars a weekend.  Right now, the Sawyer Family Farm is offering FREE farm experience opportunities.  There is currently NO waiting list to get the full farm experience.  Give me a call and we can get you started right away!

One thought on “Limited Time Offer – Free Farm Experience!”

  1. Hi Rob! You always have the best deals ;)! Hope the new digs are working out well for you all. Looking for farm interns? Are you familiar with the WWOOF program? It is Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. A friend of mine with a swell small farm in NW Massachusetts has used it to pair interns with his farm and it can be a beautiful experience. Might work for you guys. Warm regards.

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