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Introducing Dillon!

Dillon is the newest addition to the farm!


He joined us from C&H Animal Rescue. He was originally pulled from a high kill shelter in SC. Dillon has already been through a few different homes, but now he is in his forever home.
Dillon is a 10 month old Border Collie mix. We have a lot of debate about what the mix part is.  What do you think?
The kids are super excited to have another dog to train and the whole family is starting to work on clicker training with Mack and Dillon.
Mack is definitely the most excited of us all. They immediately hit it off and are a great age/size combo to keep each other occupied.



Anna and I have been looking at some pictures and concluded that Dillon is a Border Collie mixed with a Coonhound.  Looks like we have 2 hunting dogs!

Meet Mack!

In the last 13 years, we have always had at least one dog. Anna and I had previously discussed our options for what breed we would get next. So, with the passing of Baron, our search began.
Last night we brought Mack home to join the family. Mack is a 1 year old, Golden Retriever. The family that owned him didn’t have enough time to match his activity needs.
Mack is already house trained, neutered, crate trained, knows some basic commands, and kid friendly. He is also a huge fan of fetching, which the kids love.
Welcome to the farm Mack!



A sad goodbye

While I am away at Cub Scout camp this week, it was almost certain something would go wrong. Yesterday afternoon Anna found Baron, our Collie mix of 13 years, in the yard unable to stand. He was groaning in pain and refused to eat or drink. We had known this day was coming soon, but it doesn’t make it easier. He had severe arthritis and a large tumor in his belly. We made the decision that we needed to let him go.

So, in less than a year since losing Daisy, we now say goodbye to our first child, Baron. We got Baron as a puppy shortly after getting married in 1999 and he’s been with us ever since.

He was the dog that patiently let our kids learn about pets. I don’t recall him ever snapping at a child, but would always get in between me and Anna or a kid if I raised my voice.

Eventually there will be a new dog, after all, dogs are the only animal allowed inside. We won’t replace him, only remember him.
Goodbye Baron.