Now selling Equine (and Caprine) Products!

Everyone knows I get very passionate about farming in general, but horses in particular.  As my trimming business has been increasing, I find myself constantly talking about the products we like best on our own farm.  So, after some discussion, Anna and I have decided to start selling some equine products.  The good news is, some of these double as great Caprine (goat) products too!  We are now dealers for Easy Care Inc horse hoof boots, Zephyr’s Garden topical horse and dog products, and NibbleNet hay slow feeders.  All of these products are items we use on our own farm and can attest to the quality and value.  We absolutely love the Zephyr’s Garden products because they are non-toxic, so they are safe for the horses, kids, and goats!  Check out our Equine Products page for details!

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