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We have GAS

That’s right, we have Goat Addition Syndrome.  You can read more about the affliction on Backyard Herds.  In September 2011, we bought our first 2 goats.  Right now we have 2 bucks, 6 does (3 in milk – 2 getting milked and 1 with babies), and 4 doelings born this year.  Some people would think that 12 goats are enough, but we are only getting about 5-6 quarts of milk a day from the 2 does we are milking.  Farrah is either going to kid this week (she is already overdue), or she is very fat and going on a diet.  Theoretically, we will sell some goats, but we just haven’t decided which ones yet.  We are somewhat attached to our Lamanchas and want to expand on that herd, so that’s why we are going to buy another goat from New Hampshire this weekend.  Hopefully by Monday we will be milking 3 does for about 2 gallons of milk a day.  That should support the demand for a little while.  The kids are capable of eating 2 quarts of ice cream a day, so we make a batch every other day.  We actually drink about 3 quarts a day, and the rest will be used for making cheese.  If we still have extra, we might raise a veal calf.  13 goats should be enough for a little while.  Of course if Farrah really does kid, then it’s more like 15…

Sawyer Farm’s Goldilocks (born 5/18/2012)

Sawyer Farm’s Belle (born 5/18/2012)