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Happy Birthday to Anna

Today was Anna’s birthday – she turned 28…

For her birthday, Vicki showed up at our bed side with a cup of coffee to help her wake up.  During the day, Vicki (our resident 8 year old baker) made the birthday cake.  She uses Anna’s tablet to find a recipe and only cooks from scratch.  Today, she baked a chocolate cake, made the icing including 2 colors, and decorated the cake.  She started decorating before the cake was completely cooled, which caused some collapsing, however, it was still a very good.

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Fresh bread

A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law Rebekah got us thinking about making bread at home.  The were buying the wheat berries, grinding the wheat, and baking fresh bread.  At the time we thought it was neat, but overly time consuming and cumbersome.  Besides, what was wrong with the bread at the store?  That was then.

Now we have containers of red wheat and white wheat berries in the kitchen.  Anna grinds the wheat and bakes bread.  While she doesn’t bake 100% of our bread needs, she does try to make as much as possible.  Last night we had pulled pork sandwiches on fresh buns Anna cooked right before dinner.  This morning, we had banana nut muffins (with chocolate chips).  Earlier in the week, we had cookies.  We are able to control the ingredients, and know exactly what we are feeding our family.  Not to mention, fresh bread makes the house smell great and tastes better!

Thanks Rebekah for getting us started!

Thanks Anna for baking!