Happy Birthday to Anna

Today was Anna’s birthday – she turned 28…

For her birthday, Vicki showed up at our bed side with a cup of coffee to help her wake up.  During the day, Vicki (our resident 8 year old baker) made the birthday cake.  She uses Anna’s tablet to find a recipe and only cooks from scratch.  Today, she baked a chocolate cake, made the icing including 2 colors, and decorated the cake.  She started decorating before the cake was completely cooled, which caused some collapsing, however, it was still a very good.

20140414_203343 20140414_203331

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Anna”

  1. I’m guessing since the cake was still warm when the icing went on the cake was very moist and yummy! It looks like if you warm a piece of it, add ice cream and hot fudge, it would be SUPER yummy. Tell Vicki to stick the cake in the freezer next time to cool it down faster. Happy 28th Birthday Anna!

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