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Alex’s first 5k

Today was the inaugural Colonel Classic 5k in Ledyard.  Alex and I signed up and this was his first ever 5k.  The course wasn’t exactly flat and it was about 42F when we started.  Amanda came along for a ride in the stroller.  Alex still needs to grasp the concept of pacing, because he tended to sprint for a few seconds, then walk.  Eventually (around the 2 mile point), I gave up on convincing him to run a steady pace and we fell into a run/walk routine.  1:00 run, 30 sec walk.  That worked well for keeping him moving.  I also threatened that if he gave up, we would eat okra soup for lunch, but if he kept the 1:00/:30 routine, I would let him have Subway.  About 1/4 mile from the finish, his friend Jack (who was watching his Dad run) met us along the route and ran back to the finish with Alex.

Alex’s first 5k was a time of 42:14, which equates to a 13:37/mile pace.  Not too bad considering the hills.  Best of all, he said he actually had fun!

5k PR

Today was the annual North Stonington Education Fund 5k race with kids races.  Since the race starts only 3/4 mile from our house and supports the local schools, we decided to attend again this year.  I ran to the start, Alex and Vicki rode bikes and Amanda rode in the trailer behind Anna’s bike.  Of course it was hot and humid (73F and 80% humidity).

Vicki and Alex had fun running their 1/4 mile and 1/2 races respectively.  Alex ran just over 6 min for the 1/2 mile, but was a bit slow because he was running for about 30 minutes while waiting on the race.

I actually set a new PR (Personal Record) for the 5k (3.1 miles).  I ran a 20:39, which is more than 3 minutes off my time from the same race last year (which was a PR last year).  It was also good enough for 1st place in my age group.  I still have some work to get below the 20 min mark, but I am pretty pleased with the race.