Recently, I was having a conversation with a trimming client about detoxification for her horse.  I will freely admit this is something new to me that we haven’t been doing with our own herd.  Bentonite clay is primarily used for detox in horses.  I have been doing some reading about detox and was surprised to find information about potential benefits in reducing ulcers through the use of bentonite clay.  This is of particular interest to me since my 5yo TB mare is a windsucker, which is commonly accompanied by ulcers (enter chicken or the egg discussion here).  We have been using Aloe Vera Gel added to her feed for about 6 months, however, we have not noticed a significant change in her propensity to windsuck as soon as she is put into a stall.  With all the detox benefits and potential ulcer benefits, I think it is time for me to order some bentonite clay.  I might even add some to my coffee to get the benefits for myself!

Feel free to read more about this at these resources.  If you find others, please leave a comment here.

detox info:

relating ulcers:

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