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Mobile chicken coop

I have completed another chicken coop for the farm.  I used a farm wagon (purchased used for $100) under a shipping crate (free) for the coop.  The shipping crate was laid on its side, making a 7’x7′ coop that is 44″ high.  The 8 nest boxes inside were free from someone else no longer keeping chickens.  I put ventilation on 3 sides and both a front and rear access door to make cleaning easier.  Once it warms up, we will get some more oops paint at Home Depot and paint the coop a natural color to blend in to the scenery.

Total cost on this coop was a little higher because of the wagon.  I spent about $125 with the wagon, hardware ,and lumber used.  We plan to house up to about 25 chickens in this coop with electric netting around it.  Once the netting arrives, we will move the Jersey Giants into the coop (even though there are only 6 birds) and put it near the back of the farm.