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Goodbye to cable tv

After a lot of consideration, we are finally saying goodbye to cable tv.  As Anna started to talk about it on FB, it became apparent that we are not alone in our thoughts on this.  We are tired of spending around $230 a month for our “bundled” tv/internet/phone.  By cutting tv, we will save well over $100 a month.  Too often, Anna and I find ourselves sitting in the den at 11:30 at night with some stupid, reality tv or show that is just a ridiculous waste of time.

So, tonight, Anna and I are watching the finale of Biggest Loser.  Tomorrow, the cable boxes go back to Comcast.  We have been prepping the kids for this change.  Maybe we will stick with it for a month, maybe a year, but for now we are going to see how it changes things for our family.