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Farm girl

Today I am a stay at home Dad so Anna can chaperone a field trip with Vicki.
You know you have farm kids when the 2 year old is quite happy helping with chores in a princess dress and then finds a nice mud hole to dig in. Now she is learning how to drive her tractor. We saved it from the older kids and just got a new battery installed. I think it is going to be hard keeping Alex and Vicki off…



Musical horses?

This week has involved a number of horse rides, but few on the normal mount pairings. On Monday, I did a trail ride with the kids – Alex on Devil, Vicki on Precious, and Amanda with me on King. Tonight, I went for a run with Amanda in the jogging stroller and came home to Vicki trotting around bareback, Alex riding King, and Anna on Precious. Amanda actually is happy riding with anyone that will let her up, and Alex thinks it is tons of fun to ride with his little sister. When they were on King together, no matter how much Alex kicked, King wouldn’t move until I let him know it was OK to walk around.

I guess it’s good to build confidence on different horses!