Ok, so it’s a concussion

Yesterday, during a trail ride, I got thrown off Calli. You can read about how it happened in Training Calli #2. Yesterday evening, I had a mild headache but no significant issues. This morning, my headache had shifted from the back of my head more towards the front. When I turned my head quickly to the side, it would make me a little dizzy/disoriented and I was having a little occasional nausea. So, I went to the Dr.
Diagnosis: concussion.
Recommendation: don’t get thrown off horses. Also sending me to get a rain CT scan to make sure there is no internal bleeding.

I am replacing my Tipperary helmet, even though I can’t see damage to the structure.

Every ride, every time. That is the name of a video in Pony Club about helmet safety and a mantra we live by on our farm. No one rides a horse at our place without a helmet. This is why.

4 thoughts on “Ok, so it’s a concussion”

  1. We jokingly made Rachel (age 10 at the time) wear her helmet whenever she went in the barn. One day the goats rushed the gate for some unknown reason, slamming Rachel’s head between the gate and the barn wall. She neglected to tell me about it until the middle of the night when she started throwing up with a headache and I asked her if she had hit her head. She told me about the incident in the barn. I retrieved the helmet to find it cracked. Thank goodness for the helmet or that crack would have been in her head!. I hope your head feels better soon!

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