Hurricane Sandy – Part 2

The winds and rain have passed, thankfully ending earlier than expected. We were lucky and never lost power. We have heard 75-90% of our town is out.
We survived the storm with very minor damage. Our Shelter Logic tractor shelter is a complete loss. There was 1 tree that came down, but it is in the woods and doesn’t impact anything. We have a few branches to clean up, but otherwise, no issues.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy – Part 2”

  1. Glad to hear this…sorry about the loss of your tractor “house” but it could have been much worse. Glad to hear that you did not lose power.

  2. tips to have your garage in a box survive a hurricane
    1) get the 30″ anchors, not the little 15″ anchors it comes with.
    2) get LONG cable from walmart. in the hardware section. like the cable on a dog tieout. the little cables they give you will snap.
    3) get big cinder blocks from Home depot. the kind with the 2 holes.
    4) attach the cable to the anchors, bring it up the side and wrap around the pipe at the top of the wall, flip it over the top of the frame, wrap around the top pipe of the frame, down the other side and wrap around the pipe at the top of the wall, down and attach to the anchor.
    5) repeat process at other end for anchors
    6) repeat process twice in middle of shed attaching to cinder blocks.
    7) keep ends of shed closed.

    1. Thanks for the tips. The anchors didn’t fail. The wind force actually broken the poles. Only 1 of the 3 we have on the farm was damaged. That 1 was positioned on top of the hill and has no trees to provide a wind break.

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