Getting to know JJ and Gamble

In the last two weeks we have worked with JJ and Gamble each day. It seems we rocked their world a little bit, moving them over 1100 miles and changing their situation. They were turned out in a herd 24/7 and not handled a whole lot. We have spent time with them every day and done some lunging every few days. JJ is showing some definite education, but is definitely herd bound and relies on living in a herd. Gamble is sensitive and his MO is blow backwards when unsure. He will certainly need a connection with his rider.

This afternoon Rob and I brought JJ and Gamble up to the barn and tacked them up. I spent about 30 minutes on ground work with JJ and then mounted, spending about 30 minutes mounted walk/trot. I’m still figuring out her buttons, but with time I believe she will become the horse we want.

I had told Rob Gamble needed a relationship, but being the guy he is he didn’t really believe me. He spent an hour this afternoon lungeing and working on mounting block training. Gamble is very sensitive and needs a rider who will take the time to gain his trust. I think they will get there, but we all stayed safe tonight and Rob never got in the saddle.

In the coming weeks we will work towards developing relationships and figuring things out. I have a hip replacement coming up in December and I will do what I can before then. Amanda thinks she will be the rider for JJ and maybe that is true. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Getting to know JJ and Gamble”

  1. When I got my Thoroughbred 20 yrs ago who was herd and race oriented, an older former race track horse. I spent about a year saddling her, walking alone to a forested path, and she’d walk like “I don’t like this so I’ll walk super slow and hesitate with every step.” I kept politely inching her forward with my seat nudge, and ever so slowly I gained her trust and one year later, we were walking and trotting alone on 15 miles of forested hunter trails (non-hunting season) in peaceful co-existence with deer. It was wonderful. She died 11 yrs ago, but I made forever wonderful memories.

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