Get your boots here!

Rob is now an Easy Care Hoof Boot dealer!  For horses that are making the transition from shoes to barefoot, boots are a critical piece of equipment to make the transition comfortable for the horse.  Some people argue, “If your horse needs boots, it should have shoes.”  I disagree.  Nail holes in the hoof wall damage the laminae of the hoof, and can allow bacteria place to cause significant problems.  Just take a look at a horse with shoes.  Many have problems with cracking and chipping in the area around the nail holes.  Also, shoes on a hoof prevent the hoof from expanding and contracting.  Finally, most horse owners would agree that the horse really only needs the shoes for riding.  Does it make sense to put a piece of steel on the hoof for a few hours of need a week?

How about cost – how much is each visit from the farrier?  I bet it’s a LOT more than a visit from a barefoot specialist. Give me a call to find out how much you could save.  The cost of boots is usually recovered in less than 2 trim cycles AND those boots will last years.  We are still using some Easy Boot Epics that we bought in 2005!

While there are many different brands of hoof boots on the market, I decided to carry Easy Boots because of my personal experience with the product over the past 7 years.

If you are interested in purchasing Easy Boots for your horse, send me an email or give me a call!  I will be placing my initial order of inventory very soon.

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