Thomas Caleb Sawyer

We are sad that Thomas Caleb Sawyer will not be living and growing up with us here on Earth. However we are comforted in the knowledge that we will see him again in Heaven. While the outcome has not been as we hoped, we are at peace. The EEG that was done Saturday night at 6 was flat, however, the official reading of the EEG has not taken place, the results were very obvious to the nurses, technician and to Benji & Beka. Based on all the information, we expect all the other clinical exams that will take place today and Monday morning to officially say that Thomas is brain-dead will confirm what we already know.

Benji & Rebekah had already decided that if Thomas was not going to be able to survive, the best case of the worst case options would be for Thomas to be an organ donor. The organ donor team is now preparing for the Monday morning official report. The donor testing and matching process will begin today, however, we are not sure how long it will take for the nation-wide recipient matching. Thomas will remain on life support until this process is completed. After that, Benji & Rebekah have decided they will have Thomas cremated and have a memorial service. The timing of the service will likely not be decided until after transplant phase has been completed.

Our prayers now are for continued peace and comfort for our family as the grieving process continues. Also, please pray the doctors and families who will be the recipients of the life that Thomas will not be able to experience, but that Benji, Rebekah and Thomas are so loving giving.

contributed by Liz Sawyer

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