Harvest time

As summer has been coming to an end, we have been working on harvesting around the farm.  We have processed all the meat rabbits and dropped down to just our breeding rabbits for the winter.  Today, we butchered all the roosters that we hatched back in May.  They were  a barnyard mix and a little smaller than some we have raised in the past, however, these spent all day, every day, free ranging. We put 20 birds in the freezer which should last for the year.

We also harvested potatoes.  This was our best year yet with potatoes; we got 125 lbs despite the lack of rain!  The corn didn’t really produce (it was too shaded).  We have lots of peppers and turnips coming out of the garden.   Now that things are a little caught up around the farm, it’s time to get some venison to put in the freezer so we have some protein to go with those potatoes.

We will be sharing some of the potatoes with our neighbors who allowed us to use the back of their property to grow the potatoes, but this is the first year we won’t be buying organic potatoes from other local farms.  In the past, we have purchased about 40-60 lbs to get us through the winter.

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