I’m scared. Are you?

I have to say, over the past few days, I have been reading like mad.  Everywhere I turn, there are huge warning signs about major problems and potential society breakdowns.  As I look at the politics in DC, I honestly wonder if a lot of this is trying to cause the financial reset that experts widely agree will occur in the near future (days, months, years? – I don’t know).

What if our elected leaders really do understand how bad things are financially and are using this shutdown/debt ceiling to stage the reset and try to pass off blame on the others?  The estimations on how bad things would get, range from no real impact to mass rioting and complete society breakdown.   What worries me more is, maybe the elected leaders don’t understand the gravity of our national financial situation.

Yesterday, I listened to the Presidential non-press conference.  He consistently made comparisons to the federal government and average American households and how the current situation in DC doesn’t make sense.  But then he argued we needed to just raise the debt ceiling and move on.  Except, can you envision a person calling the bank and saying “Hello Banker.  I would like another $80k in credit please.  No, I haven’t paid for my last $120k in debt.  No, I don’t have anymore income.  I just want to keep overspending.  Don’t worry, this will get me until at least next fall.”

Have you noticed if you do online searches, you get almost all results from within the US.  What are other countries saying about this?  It is hard to know.  All I know is the uncertainty in the country is disturbing.

I’m not proposing anything radical, but I am honestly scared about the future of our country for the next 1-2 years.

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