Trying out aromatherapy

Last week I started my new job on staff at the Naval War College in Newport RI. I spend an hour commuting each way and then my day is spent in a room of florescent lights in front of a computer screen. I went from have 1 or 2 low grade migraines a week (still from the concussion in January) to a debilitating migraine every day by the time I left work. Clearly something needed to change.
Since I have been learning about complementary therapies for horses, I decided to look into some for my concussion healing. While medications may help some with the migraine once it starts, there was nothing to promote the healing of the concussion.
So this evening, after taking a short nap when I got home to deal with the migraine, I headed to Herbwise Naturals in Westerly (thanks Holly). I specifically wanted to get frankincense oil based on some reading I had do e that I indicated it helped others heal from concussions.
There was a sample bottle of the frankincense oil. I placed the sample under my nose and breathed for a short time. Within 30 seconds, I could feel the migraines sweeping back away from my forehead. The pressure receded to the back of my skull. It was amazing how fast the impact was. I bought 2 small bottles (2 different brands) and put a small amount of the oil across my forehead and on the back of my neck. Over the next 40 minutes, the pain moved deeper into my skull, then shifted to right where a ball cap would sit on my forehead and was gone from deep inside.
Then the pain settled down onto the bridge of my nose like someone pushing down on glasses. Finally, the pressure lifted completely and the migraine was gone. This is significant because the migraines rarely dissipate without a full night of rest.
I am hopeful that the aromatherapy will help with healing from the concussion instead of treating symptoms related to the concussion. I will post an update to see if the aromatherapy helps avoid the onset of the migraines.

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