Last weekend, I wrote about the North Stonington 5k, but I left out the details of something that happened.  During Vicki’s 1/4 mile race (which was 2 laps around a field), she ran by Madison.  Madison is 5 and goes to church with us.  Vicki noticed Madison was crying and not at all happy about racing around the field.  Vicki stopped and put her arm around Madison’s shoulder, walking the second half of the first lap until Madison got back to her parents.  Then, with a smile on her face, she ran her second lap, well behind the main group.

On Monday, we cooked 2 freshly harvested roosters on the rotisserie.  Alex and Vicki pulled the wishbones, and Alex won twice.  Since Vicki didn’t win, he gave her one of the two wishes.

As I think about both of these events, I consider that my children are much more compassionate than I am, and can only conclude they learn it from their loving mother, and my beautiful wife.

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