Rob is going back to school

I’ve got a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Engineering Management.  Now it is time to get a degree I want to use.  It is interesting how our decisions in life change.  In about 7 years I will be eligible to retire from the Navy.  My current “second career” plan is to be a professional, full-time barefoot horse trimmer.  In preparation for that career and to aid me in my current trimming business, I am working on a certification in Natural Hoof Care from The Equine Sciences Academy.

The first phase of the certification is to earn a degree in Equine Sciences.  Through the program, I will be studying the whole horse, with emphasis on Natural Horse management principles.  The curriculum is very comprehensive, so I expect it will be very beneficial beyond just the trimming business, but improve me as a rider and owner as well.  I will also be traveling on occasions to conduct trimming practicums with instructors.  The second phase of the Certification is focused completely on the trimming.

Time to study.


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