Cinder has a new family

Today we had a woman who lives only a few miles away come and meet Cinder.  She understands the possibly issues with his legs and has decided she would like to have him on her farm.  She is very experienced with horses and has 2 other horses already.  Since we felt comfortable with her knowledge and experience, we have agreed to give her Cinder.  After 11 years in our family, Cinder will move to a new family on Wednesday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Cinder has a new family”

  1. Bittersweet I’m sure, but he is close so you can check in on him and now you can move foward with other goals. Good news.

  2. OMG !!! What was wrong with his legs? Was it hard letting him go? Do you miss him? He was like your baby !! I so remember seeing him at Michelles at Maple Hills all ragedy and worn… so looking for someone to take him in. He was so curious, cute, and kind. He had spunk and loved that about him. I loved watching Anna and Cinder go round and round in the arena. OHHHH how he liked to push her buttons. HEHEHEHE. I remember riding him once and he was like a firecracker waiting to pop under me. Well, I am sure you had reasons and it sounds as if he is just down the road from you which is nice. In reading all your blogs it appears and reads as if you all are quite busy living off the land and enjoying every minute of it. Your family is beautiful and you seem very happy. Miss you both !!

    1. Cinder was having problems with his suspensory ligaments. When he wasn’t worked much, he did fine. When we tried to increase the work or did jumping, he would go lame. He is still full of attitude and gets into trouble. It was a hard decision to let him leave. In fact, we had put him on the market and taken the ad down 4 times before we finally committed to giving him up. He is only a few miles away and we have followed up with the new owner to make sure he is doing well. She just wanted a horse with some trail miles to take out on occasions and already had 2 other geldings that he was joining, so it worked.
      And yes, we do stay busy.

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