Aromatherapy Conconcussion blend #1

As I previously discussed, the aromatherapy has been having a definite positive impact on my migraines.  Initially, I started with pure Frankincense oil to conduct a causal determination that the Frankincense oil was the specific ingredient resulting in the improvement.  I didn’t take any meds at all during the week of testing.  I was so pleased with the result, I decided to start testing various blends of essential oils to create my own aromatherapy solution for healing my concussion as a whole and not just blocking the migraine symptoms.  Note, my concussion was sustained 5.5 months ago, so this isn’t just going away on it’s own.

The major symptoms I have been having were migraines (when reading computer screens at work all day under florescent lighting), low grade headaches (in particular when using Frankincense to block the migraines), and excessive fatigue (again more noticeable following extended computer use/florescent lighting at work).

I have not yet found any aromatherapy blends specifically targeting concussions, which is surprising.  Therefore, I researched oils used for combating migraines, headaches, and fatigue and chose my ingredients.  Frankincense is rarely used for any of these purposes based on my research so far.  I discovered the link to healing concussions and migraines through other blogs like mine.

Rob’s Concussion Blend #1

15ml almond oil (carrier oil)

20 drops Frankincense oil (NOTE – I initially started with 10 drops but after a few days, I could tell there was not enough Frankincense having been using it pure previously)

8 drops Eucalyptus oil

8 drops Lemongrass oil

4 drops Peppermint oil

If anyone else local is also combating a concussion or just migraines and wants to join in the aromatherapy testing, you are welcome to email me.  Some of the oils are quite expensive and it doesn’t take much to test or create blends like this.

I will post next week after I have given this blend a chance to work.  My initial thought is I may have to add more Frankincense based on the fact that I was using it pure previously.

15 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Conconcussion blend #1”

  1. I’m curious to know how it worked. I have been suffering from my concussion since June 2014 and have not been back to work yet. I can only handle short bits of computer time but i get horrible headaches just the same. I don’t call them migraines because they are different. Migraines will go away with medication, these will not. I live with headache pain daily.

    1. The aromatherapy definitely helped. I tried a number of meds that didn’t do anything good. I also had a some neck adjustments by a chiropractor. I really think that probably made a bigger impact on resolving the headaches over anything else

  2. Last Thursday, I was cleaning up water from under a thawed air handler. When I stood up, I hit my head on the corner of the fuse box. I actually hit my head on something else first, but the details are hazy. I have a concussion, but the ct scan was clear of trauma. Is this a blend I could use now? I’m still very dizzy and have a lot of pressure in my head.

  3. I am in week 5 of an Accident / serious concussion , first 3 weeks chronic migraine, vision chgs, balance, neg impact to sensory / sympathetic system ie tv, computer, short term memory, balance, speach impairment , heightened anziety, emotions. After 17 days finally received ct to rule out brain bleed, cleared. Juring this time I used Frankinsence, helichrysum , peppermint on brain stem( back of neck ) and behind the ears. It’s now week 5. Balance, concentration, speach as well as headaches, sight chgs and overall weakness still felt. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing how the newest blend works for u.

  4. How were you using this? Skin application or diffusion?
    Currently on third week post accident with concussion and vroken ribs and vertebrae.

    1. I tried both. I would put a couple of drops on my fingers and rub it on my temples and the base of my neck. I would also put it on a piece of paper at my desk for general area diffusion.

  5. I have used frankincense with great success. I combine it with Copaiba and balsam fir and sometimes helichrysum. I apply both topically and sublingual (although I don’t recommend that method with most brands). When I feel any twinge, I immediately apply both ways – sometimes I need to repeat it 2 or 3 times (spacing application 1/2 hour apart) and then I am fine.

  6. I used this blend on my concussion a few years ago and it was the only thing that worked. Meds didn’t help at all. But as soon as I started using this, although stronger than what is recommended by an aromatherapist, it worked wonders. I use the same blend but scaled back to a proper dilution for headaches.

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