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North Stonington fair weekend

This weekend was the North Stonington fair. We had rabbits that spent Thursday-Sunday at the fair. Vicki showed Devil and WON the walk trot division on Saturday. I showed King; we had fun and won a class, but didn’t do great overall. Unfortunately, King was lame after the show from a coronary band injury, likely sustained while evading Huey in the pasture.
Sunday was the goat show. This was only the second time the kids showed goats; the first was the same faerie last year. After a difficult showmanship class for each of them, things improved. They both had fun and resolved to learn more to be better prepared for showmanship at the 4H fair in 2 weeks.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.  027  Rob and Amanda on Devil for lead line029 Rob and King  042 Vicki and Devil 047 Vicki getting awards 051 Vicki and Amanda 062

Rob and King


Vicki and Amanda with Devil

Alex and Onyx


Vicki and Pocohontas

Alex and Diamond


Alex and Vicki with Poco and Ruby in the Daughter and Dam class


Alex and Diamond

A lot of Firsts!

Alex had his first horse show at the North Stonington Fair!  He rode Precious in 3 walk-trot classes and got 2-4ths and a 3rd.  His favorite part? Getting the ribbons.

Vicki had her first horse show at the North Stonington Fair! She rode King in a lead line class, with me as the lead holder.  She got third and can’t wait to show more.  She is actually ready to show in walk-trot, but Devil needs a little more reovery time first.

Anna had her first student enter a show!  Kenzie rode Precious in the lead line class with Vicki.  It was also her first show ever and she had a ton of fun!

Since King was already there, I rode him in 5 classes.  I managed to get 1st in 2 of the classes and won Grand Champion in the English division.

6 of our rabbits got 1st place in the rabbit show at the North Stonington Fair, and one also got Runner Up for Open Show Champion!

After about a year of owning goats, we finally sold our first goat.  That was followed about 30 minutes later with our second and third sales of goats to a different family.

Tomorrow we will have our first goat show!  The main focus for tomorrow is to learn about showing and make sure Vicki and Alex have fun doing it.

To the fair!

It’s North Stonington Fair time! This is our first fair experience showing animals. We have been busy for the last few days making final preps. 6 rabbits are about to get delivered to their cages and will stay until Sunday night. The kids get to do unlimited rides tonight.

We will probably go tomorrow evening, but first we will be prepping horses. Saturday morning is the horse show. Vicki will be riding lead line on King since Devil is still not healed enough to show. Alex will be riding Precious, and Anna even has a student riding Precious in the lead line class. This will be Alex and Vicki’s first horse show. I may enter with King if there are other adults showing.
Then, Sunday is the goat show. We are taking 5 goats (2 for Vicki and 3 for Alex). This will be our first goat show!

We have a busy weekend ahead!