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In 2005, we asked a very basic question about our horses: “Why did they need shoes?” In the end, we decided the answer was “They don’t.” For many years, we relied on hoof boots and kept our horses barefoot. Rob has recently begun shoeing and continues to offer a barefoot trimming service.

We have worked with a number of different farriers and trimmers since then to learn about trimming and farrier work. We believe in continuing education in all things related to the horse and highly encourage clients and other owners to do the same.

Rob is a hoof boot dealer for both Easy Care and Renegades!  If you would like to schedule a trim appointment or purchase boots, Email or call/text (860-884-0110) to schedule an appointment.  You do not have to be a trimming client to purchase boots.  Check out all of our Equine Products.

Here is a very good article that summarizes what we believe about barefoot horses: http://www.thehorseshoof.com/pdf_articles/BarefootParadigm.pdf.

Here is another about barefoot performance horses http://www.easycareinc.com/education/articles/eventing_barefoot.aspx.

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2 thoughts on “Farrier service”

  1. After having horses for over 40 years, I am used to seeing horses with shoes. Rob has opened my eyes to barefoot horses. He has only trimmed our horses one time since their shoes have come off, but I immediately noticed the freedom in their movement. They look great! So glad to have Rob trimming our horses in his busy schedule!
    Sharon Gordon

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