We raise American Chinchilla rabbits for meat, fur, and showing.  We have recently acquired Chocolate Dutch rabbits and will be breeding them soon and have kits available in early summer.

Members of American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and American Livestock Breed Conservancy (ALBC).

If you are interested in rabbits for your freezer, please email for details.  Did you know, you can substitute rabbit in almost any dish you would normally use a chicken.

Email if you want to reserve a rabbit for breeding stock, fryers, or a family pet.

Below are various pictures from our rabbitry


5 thoughts on “Rabbits”

  1. I am interested in Rabbits for meat.

    Some time back March I spoke with a gentleman about his farm and the fact that I love rabbit meat.( I was working with CSC delivering computers)

    I am hoping to buy a few and stock my freezer with something other than the same old chicken parts LOL !

    Please let me know your pricing and size of packages. My husband is willing to try something new and hopes it is comparable in price. ( he is the one that usually does the shopping, so keeping him happy is important. 🙂

    Thank you
    Roberta Newcomb

    1. Glad you remembered! We will have a batch of rabbits ready for freezer camp in early August. I’ll email you about the details.

  2. Hello sawyer family i am alex’s freind and i LOVE cute things dont ask why but i might be interested in one but it depends

    1. We do sell rabbits for breeding, however, right now we do not have an unrelated buck to be able to offer completely unrelated trios. We will resume breeding as the weather improves. If you are interested in purchasing rabbits, please email anna@thesawyerfarms.com

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