Jumping practice

On Sunday evening, Vicki and Rob did a cross country jumping lesson with Ann Bowie at Horse Power Farm.  Vicki has been continuing to work with Duchess and they are becoming quite the pair.  They are advancing together so fast that Vicki is more focused on using Duchess than Devil.  To quote Ann “That’s a nice pony!”  We are very grateful to Stefanie (Duchess’ former trainer and owner) for choosing our family.  I’m also thrilled with Mojo’s progress as a jumper.

3 thoughts on “Jumping practice”

  1. We had inquired about Duchess also and I’m sure there were many others who did too. It is so good to see updates on her! Thank you for sharing Duchess with all of us. So happy for all of you! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the note. You are welcome to follow our blog to see how she and Vicki grow together as a team.

  2. Very happy to see all the blog posts of Vicki and Duchess as they progress together as a team. I have the utmost faith they’ll do wonderfully together and I look forward to one day seeing them at shows!

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